abiru & the uncovered eye


also, i've become a bit disgusted by what LJ is doing;
strikethrough 2007, ADS ON BASIC, $$$$$$$$$$$$

probably backing everything up and leaving for somewhere maybe like LJ but with no bullshoot.

edit: SJ maybe you have seen this but here it is again!

see anybody familiar? :p
not sure if it's clear enough XD
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mikuru is upset!

as great a dwarf's bottom, mondays

i hate mondays :(

/edit, tuesday

so this week's monday wasn't that bad i guess.
S&W finished by 9am, CATS cancelled. still can run over to IMM with Sheryl for half-an-hour -_-

and while it did rain really heavily resulting in me foolishly running across the carpark from block 56 to 50, i'm not ill yet (unlike what i'm expecting; having had to stay in aircon-ed rooms drenched and all)! yay!
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abiru & the uncovered eye

i mistook beowulf for macbeth !

but let's talk about Red Camp IV 1st!
was hoping if i'd run into anyone from HY, or maybe even Waffle, but sadly didn't.
anyway, was pretty fun, playing with random LEDs and mould-able wires ~
not to mention the free food!
KFC (Kenpachi Fried Chicken!!!1) one day, and Pizza Hut the next. mmmm ~

alsoalso, this year the five groups were given names -- if i remember correctly, Vikings, Ninjas, Spartan (LOL?), Apache?!
made me literally lol on the spot -_-
... sounds awfully out of place. a server?!?! (?! x 9000)

also randomly school related, i've never had people deciding to pon class just because i said so. power to the class rep !
oh yes and if the teacher decides to investigate the class rep gets the blame. yayness.
nevermind that they ended up watching me do CATS at vivo ... -_-

anyway, for today Kel-chan called all of a sudden in the morning to make me watch Enchanted with him. "I want to watch today! Today! Now! Cannot postpone!!" and when i called him in the evening to (finally) schedule place+time, he was sleeping ... oh well ~

we ended up watching Beowulf anyway because he was slightly late -- pretty bloody, though probably more interesting than its original poem~ =X to me at least! lol has no appreciation for classics -_-

alsoalso, i ended up with Ol' Uncle Alarm Clock at Seoul Garden for lunch. went out with 30$, returned with almost no cash left, hooray. /dance